treasure.jpg Gold and items earned throughout the campaign will be listed here. It is not meant to replace tracking your equipment on your character sheet; it’s just a record of cash, items and when they were obtained.

Selling Items: In general, a character can sell something for half its listed price, including weapon, armor, gear, art objects, and magic items. This also includes character-created items. Gems and ingots of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) are the only exceptions to the half-price rule since they are considered valuable goods that can be easily exchanged almost as if it were cash itself.

Notable Party Loot


Session 01: handaxe, padded armor (x2), dagger (x3), wooden holy symbol of Shelyn, sunrod (x2), lantern, light hammer, winter blankets (x5), hemp rope (50’), twitch tonic (x2), tarnished silver necklace (5 gp), wooden holy symbol of Desna, masterwork longsword, compass, bandolier, gaudy red leather boots (20 gp), lesser talisman of sealed summons.

Session 02: sickle, set of manacles (x3), strange disembodied eye, surgeon’s tools, dagger +1, handy haversack, phylactery of faithfulness, potion of cure light wounds, unidentified magical pearl, 48 gp, 3 pp.

Session 03: padded armor, sap, thunderstones (x2, used 1), golden ring (worth 150 gp), alchemist’s fire (x6), wand of bless (18 charges), injectable potion of cure moderate wounds, masterwork viol (missing bow), Dr. Chawaar’s research notes on hydrocephalus, Dr. Losandro’s journal, magnifying glass, vial of smelling salts, alchemist’s kindness (x2), soothe syrup (x2), antitoxin (x4), dose of opium (x2), scroll of fox’s cunning, scroll of remove paralysis (x2), unidentified magical candle with necromantic aura, unidentified magical incense in a tin, greater talisman of beneficial winds on a thin silver chain, lesser talisman of healing power and lesser talisman of warrior’s courage on a braided leather cord, brain-shaped wooden box (50 gp), twin bookends depicting crying and screaming figures (50 gp for the set), bronze sculpture of a raven (50 gp), On the Treatment of Ambitions, Disappointments, and Regrets by Dr. Beaurigmand Trice (100 gp), On Violent Sands by Dr. Henri Meirtmane (100 gp), signed copy of Galdyce’s Guest: Feast of the Nosferatu by Ailson Kindler (100 gp), ring of keys.

Session 04: scroll of cure light wounds (x2), scroll of sanctuary, wand of lesser restoration (7 charges), clerical vestments of Pharasma (x3), silversheen (x2), unidentified oil, 6 pearls (50 each), 50 gp.

Session 05: unidentified feather token, amulet of natural armor +1, potion of cure light wounds (x4), fine leather boots (200 gp), gold signet ring of the Millair family, a pair of carved wooden knights, straightjacket, healer’s kit, padded armor, cloak of resistance +1, chain shirt, longsword, heavy wooden shield, 15 gp.

Session 06: Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue by Charent (10 gp), heavy wooden shield +1, antitoxin (x3), silver holy symbol of Shelyn.

Session 07: Not a thing.

Session 08: set of 6 charcoal sketches set in fine frames by Ulver Zandalus, ametrine pendant (100 gp for the set), potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of cure disease, wand of cure light wounds (43 charges), battered Harrow deck with alternate Foreign Trader card, unidentified magic bracers, bite-sized pieces of jerky (x12), pearl tooth (18 gp), bundle of arcane writing (needs ordering), 200 gp.

Session 09: +1 light mace, potion of invisibility, unidentified potion with transmutation aura, unidentified potion, potion of cure moderate wounds, unidentified wand, unidentified scroll, The Chain of Nights by Valhadis, 400 gp.


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