Character Creation

creation.jpg This page contains all the rules and guidelines needed for creating a new character for the Strange Aeons campaign. Characters will begin play at 1st level.

Ability Scores: Players have 20 points to purchase ability scores, as explained on pages 15-16 of the Core Rulebook. Please remember no score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18. Racial modifiers are applied after points are spent.

Classes and Races: All races and classes from the Core Rulebook are available. All classes from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Occult Adventures are also available. Certain featured races from Advanced Race Guide may be available, pending DM approval. Archetypes will be approved on a case-to-case basis. Keep in mind that there is a greater chance of running into fear effects and effects with the emotion descriptor in this campaign (which may prove problematic for psychic casters). It should also be noted that any character classes that excel at removing negative conditions from themselves and other characters would be useful in this adventure path.

Feats: All feats from the Core Rulebook are available. Most feats from other rulebooks are generally assumed to be available, unless the DM states otherwise.

Skills: This adventure path contains a number of encounters and events where characters must use their wits to achieve success. Research plays a part in a few of the campaign adventures. While players don’t need to have expertise in research mechanics, it would be an excellent idea to have at least one party member with access to a number of Knowledge skills. The most useful among these are Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nobility), Knowledge (planes), and Knowledge (religion). There are also plenty of social interactions throughout, so having a character in the group who is skilled in Bluff and Diplomacy is a good idea. As the party starts off in an asylum and later delves into mysterious libraries, creepy estates, and forgotten places, including a party member with ranks in Disable Device will prove useful for many challenges.

Traits: Characters in the Strange Aeons campaign begin play with two traits— minor in-game advantages tied to their background as explained on pages 326-333 of the Advanced Player’s Guide. One of these must come from the list of Campaign Traits; the other may be any trait from one of these categories (assuming the character meets the prerequisites): combat, faith, magic, race, religion or social, excepting ones that grant additional starting money. Note that trait bonuses do not stack.

Alignment: Characters may not be evil.

Religion: Characters are not required to choose a deity (excepting certain divine spellcasters) but in practice, most inhabitants of Golarion have a patron deity or at least one they pay lip service to. Note that a character that venerates a Great Old One or Outer God is a poor option for this adventure path so unless the player has a particularly compelling reason for doing so, avoid choosing one of those. If a character worships a deity and draws power from his god, he awakes with an understanding of that faith and can feel his divine connection despite his memory loss. If he venerates a good deity, he might awaken with a vague sense of guilt or shame that he can’t quite put his finger on; however, he feels that his god has granted him a second chance to redeem any misdeeds.

Hit Points: Characters begin with max hit points for their class at 1st level. For each level thereafter, players roll the appropriate Hit Dice for their class, re-rolling any 1s.

Equipment: Characters begin the campaign with 150 gold pieces to purchase their starting gear. Please keep track of encumbrance, carrying capacity, and where each item is located during the campaign. Although characters will not have access to their gear at the start, they will regain it at some point in the first adventure. Don’t bother spending gold on rations or mounts; neither will be particularly applicable to the setup (animal companions, familiars, and the like will still be available as usual).

Languages: Common is the most prevalent tongue spoken by enemies and allies in this campaign. The majority of the texts characters will read will be in Common as well. To communicate with some of the stranger enemies in this campaign, learning Aklo might help, but the language of aberrations is an unusual skill for beginning characters and requires a solid justification.

Background: The adventure path opens with the characters awakening in an asylum, feeling as if they are emerging from fog or a dream. They have trouble remembering who they are and how they got into their current situation— certainly nothing at all of the last several years of their life— although they do feel a vague kinship with their fellow amnesiacs for an unknown reason. Over the course of the adventures, the characters will piece together what happened to them, and they regain their full memories midway through the adventure path. Despite this condition, characters are capable of performing all tasks normally; they still know how to use their class abilities, access to skills and feats are not hindered in any way, and they can inexplicably recall trivial information about the world they knew before this condition took ahold of them.
     Players start this campaign with a blank background with the idea that, over time, they will discover clues about themselves and those responsible for their condition, though they must also be aware that they will need to give up some control over their character’s past in order to let this story of uncertain dread play out. Players and the DM will be working together to create a background for their characters that can incorporate both how the player sees his character and how certain information about their character’s past and future may be beyond what they initially envisioned.

Disallowed Material
The gunslinger, ninja, and samurai classes from Ultimate Combat are currently disallowed in Strange Aeons for flavor reasons. Likewise, monstrous or non-humanlike races such as catfolk, goblins, nagaji, tengu and the like from the Advanced Race Guide are also not available for play.

Character Creation

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