Winter Klaczka


Female Human


Winter came to Thrushmoor in the company of one the Ustalav’s Royal Accusers, and was tasked with investigating certain matters at Briarstone Asylum, the details of which she has thus far declined to reveal. It was during this investigation that patient uprising began and the first of the quakes struck. In the chaos that followed, Winter and her two compatriots found themselves attacked by ghouls, who overwhelmed one of her men, Thorak. Desperate to escape, she and Vaustin made their way to the asylum’s entry, but found that they wasn’t the only ones to be trapped by the unnatural mist surrounding the grounds. At her suggestion, the handful of survivors made for the nearby chapel to hide and regroup. Winter’s desperate plan saved the lives of several of the asylum’s patient and staff, and in doing so, she became the group’s de facto leader. She never expected the asylum’s chapel to become her new home, but with no options for escape and terrors crawling through the halls beyond, fortifying the place and holding out for as long as possible seems to be the only choice she and the others have for survival.
     She is haunted by the ghost of her sister Summer, who died in a tragic accident on her fifteenth birthday. Summer’s untimely death awakened latent occult abilities within Winter and this coupled with the unquiet manifestation of their dead daughter proved to be too much for Winter’s adoptive parents. They sent Winter away, giving her into the care of the temple of Pharasma in Caliphas, hoping the clergy would be able to free Summer’s spirit to move onto the afterlife and train Winter in the use of her burgeoning powers. Unfortunately, they only discovered that Winter’s life and Summer’s unlife were intertwined; neither could be separated from the other without great harm to both. Winter was taken in for mentorship and over the next few years learned to control her gifts, focusing them into spells as well as enhancing the bond between her and her sister’s phantom. In superstitious Ustalav, her unusual powers and sister’s ghostly presence often raise suspicion and uncomfortable questions, so she strives to avoid drawing undue attention to them.
     Her relationship with Summer is strange and stressful. Summer still harbors strong jealously and bitterness towards Winter, including of her continued life. When manifested, Summer regularly rebukes, curses and insults Winters, who accepts her abuse passively. Conversely, resonating from Winter’s love for Summer, their bond also includes a powerful protectiveness, and Summer viciously attacks anyone who dares threaten her sister’s safety.

Winter Klaczka

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