Ulver Zandalus


Male Human


The Apostles in Orpiment call Ulver Zandalus their leader, and most see him as the architect of the Briarstone uprising. Prior to this, he was known as a calm but largely unresponsive patient, mute save for when he suffered from dramatic night terrors. Despite various treatments, his condition showed little improvement during his 30-plus year stay at Briarstone Ayslum, much to Dr. Losandro’s frustration and chagrin. The only thing that seemed to make any difference was art therapy, and though it was nothing like a cure for whatever afflicted him, he produced thousands of remarkable charcoal and chalk illustrations over the years, nearly all depicting harsh, ominous cityscapes and screaming, tortured faces. His art even gained some limited notoriety and was exhibited in Rozenport art galleries as a products of his mad genius. The only clue the party has uncovered thus far as to what may have caused the extraordinary change in Zandalus lies in Dr. Losandro’s journal, where she mentions a ritual in she found in The Chain of Nights that she believed would relieve him of his nightmares.

Ulver Zandalus

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